Our Services


Voelker Underwriting Services gives you the opportunity to have an experienced, knowledgeable, respected and dedicated professional life underwriter on your staff at about one third the cost of hiring your own in-house underwriter.

We do everything related to life insurance underwriting:

  • Answering General Underwriting Questions
  • Medical Questions
  • APS Summaries
  • Cover Letters
  • Second Opinions

In addition to the aforementioned services, the most important feature of this service is negotiations with home office underwriters.

Your Advocate

Working to get your insurance cases through the underwriting process with the best possible underwriting outcome.


Producer Groups




We have great relationships with underwriters at a majority of the major carriers and have had success in getting the best rates for clients. We will not insult your intelligence by saying we get every case approved Super Preferred, but you can be assured that Voelker Underwriting Services passionately gives everything we have for you and your clients.

Interested in having an Underwriter on your team?