Frequently Asked Questions

Do insurance brokerages require an underwriter?

“Brokerage underwriter” sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it is a phrase worth paying attention to. For brokers and insurance buyers alike, the presence of an underwriter on the staff of a brokerage carries substantial advantages.


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Do your clients have to be in the Charlotte, North Carolina area?

No, they do not. Here at Voelker Underwriting Services, we can work with any client across the country. 

Does every life insurance policy go through the underwriting process?

No, not every policy goes through the underwriting process.

Do I need to supply my medical records for underwriting?

Yes, medical records can often delay the underwriting process. The faster you can supply these medical records, the faster the underwriting process can begin. 

Is there a difference between permanent insurance and term insurance underwriting?

No and yes. The underwriter is going to use the same manual, the same guidelines, the same rating regardless of what type of product is being underwritten. A couple of scenarios where the answer may be yes are Table Shave programs and when it comes to “stretching” an offer.


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How long does the underwriting process typically take?

There are many variables that apply to the underwriting process. A common timeframe is 4-8 weeks but many variables from accelerated underwriting to delays in medical records could make it a few days to many months. 

You can play your part in making the process faster by supplying all medical records, answering all questions, and providing any other required documents to the underwriter in quick time. 

Do I need a life insurance cover letter?

As important as cover letters are, not all cases need them. To see if you should write a cover letter: read this article.

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